Our vision is for individuals and families to move from stagnation to healing by identifying and addressing various forms of trauma that stand in the way of current and future growth.  Metamorphosis aims to provide culturally relevant services to individuals and families that strengthen the whole person.  Services include both direct services and training for systems, businesses, non-profits, schools, churches, and community agencies. ME offers grief groups and one on one emotional support.  A strong emphasis is focused on promoting system care access, group educational/skills classes, and self-advocacy. Program participants are provided with culturally relevant tools to build resilience through empowerment leading to productive lives.

Sexual Abuse

This workshop is led by an MSW 

Topics discussed:

  •  How the Department of Children and Family Services responds

  •  Sexual abuse within the family and its dynamics.

  •  Generational abuse and breaking the cycle.

  • How to identify signs of abuse, risk factors

  •  Mandated reporting.


Gang Intervention

  • Gang workshops include coping skills, behavior management, crisis intervention, group counseling, and individual counseling. Identifying possible risk factors with an emphasis on girls in gangs.

  • Exercises present individuals and groups with various situations and teach effective responses.

  • Utilize diverse interventions and counseling methods to model coping skills.

  • Establish boundaries for children including positive and negative behavior responses.

  • Collaboration with parents, schools, law enforcement, probation, faith-based organizations, and community partners.

Educational Counseling

  • The educational workshop assists adults and youth with college applications and writing personal statements. The workshops cover financial aid, loans, grants, work-study, and how to obtain scholarships.

  • Laptops are used to guide students through a step-by-step process of filling out the FASFA.

  • Time management, how to balance classes, and home life.

  • How to budget money, purchasing pre-owned books, and utilizing free online study materials.

  • Assists first-generation college students with managing familial and cultural expectations.

  • Learning style tools are given to measure learning styles and equip students to be successful with classwork.